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State Games of America Participants


The scenic one is at the right of Pikes Peak with coach Barb, Erin Hill, Taylor Schmuki, Matt Hill, Bianca Repasi, Jourdan Broadfoot, Kyle McGinley, Alexis Mouer, and Adam Schmuki is in the front. The other is next to the pool facility with Alexis Mouer in the blue ring, Matt Hill and Bianca Repasi in the yellow ring, Kyle McGinley in the middle ring, Erin Hill and Jourdan Broadfoot in the green ring, and Taylor Schmuki in the red ring. 3 of our swimmers brought home gold, silver and bronze medals in various events. We had a great time visiting and competing. Thanks to all that made it happen for this great memory my swimmer will have forever. This is why our kids do what they do. You can see it all over their faces.
Jeremy Contreras from Desert Judo. His sport was Judo. Others in the picture are Jack Bradford, Jeremy, Larry Gaines. These are his 2 coaches.
Steven Cheatham~ bowling competitor in his element in Colorado Springs

Phoenix Pride Boys Basketball Team. They came in 2nd at the State of America Games in Colorado Springs 2007.

Left to right you have Bo, Nic, Jose, Chris, Jerome, Robbie, Marquis and Coach Robert.

AZ Prowlers

Assistant Coach David Yabo
Trey Devorce
Josh Skadeland
Emery Range
Devonte Mason
Travis Abbott
Devon Yabo
Head Coach Carlo Crockom

Group picture in the water at practice: Matt Hill, Cole Whitener, Erin
Hill, Taylor Schmuki, Bianca Repasi, Jordan Broadfoot, Alexis Mouer, Kyle
McGinley, Adam Schmuki.
Picture of Cole Whitener pointing to a picture on the Olympic Wall of Maryanne Graham 1976 Olympics. Cole was coached by him during the summer 2007.
Nicholas Fiore - competed in Martial Arts at the State Games. He placed 2nd in his division (12 Advanced) in kata, and 5th in weapons. He trains at Scottsdale Martial Arts.

Goodyear Sharks
Gus Woodrow-Tomizuka, age 12, competed in
Colorado Springs this past summer. He is a black belt at Eastside Karate in Tucson, Arizona, with Sensei Bill Damon (pictured here at the 2007 US Open). He received a silver medal in Kata and a bronze in Weapons at the State Games of America in July.
Ryan Sweet of Queen Creek , Arizona - I run the 800m & 1500m in track, I run with the Arizona Flames track club out of Mesa Community College.