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Summer Games 2005

Bowling Results


Male A Open Scratch

Gold: Dewayne Robinson

Silver: Wes Marema

Bronze: Anthony Dixson

Male B 180 Up

Gold: Bryan Layton

Silver: Carlos Macean

Bronze: Vance Varholdt

Males C 179-160

Gold: Joe Walters

Silver: Richard Lumbardi

Bronze: Ron Shinn

Male D 159-140

Gold: Tim Runkle

Silver: Scott Long

Bronze: Gene Wood

Male E 139+ Below

Gold: Wade Rusell

Silver: Buck Spencer

Female C 179-160

Gold: Kelle Phillips

Silver: Emily Fiola

Female D 159-140

Gold: Rose May

Silver: Kreisha Macias

Females E 139+ Below

Gold: Sonny Kotchover

Silver: Debra McDorman

Bronze: Lisa Leazza


54-19 yrs old

Gold: Shane Bolosam

Silver: Michael Slaughter

Bronze: Stephen Janzula

18-13 ysr old

Gold: Corey Farris

Silver: Cody Gray

Bronze: Trevor Soriza

Males 7-0 yrs old

Gold: Atticus Townsend

Silver: Tommy O’Brien

Bronze: Nathaniel Ross

Females 12-8 yrs old

Gold: Taylor Layton

Silver: Alysha Layton

Females 7-0 yrs old

Gold: Alexis Ross

Silver: Hazel Townsend


Males 185-Up

Gold: John Seitz

Silver: Larry Wilder

Males 184-165

Gold: Robert Seals

Silver: Cecil Burley

Bronze: Dan Shinsky

Males: 164-145

Gold: Richard Stites

Silver: Harry Lucchese

Males 144-Down

Gold: Dennis Harkins

Females 184-165

Gold: Millie Vershum

Silver: Pat Holquist

Bronze: Margo Bold

Female 164-145

Gold: Shirley Eckerson

Silver: Sallie Harkins

Bronze: June English

Females 144-Down

Gold: Dee Dee Brantley

Silver: Connie Hickey

Bronze: Linda Lucchese


Males 180-UP

Gold: Robert Smith

Silver: Austin Schoem

Bronze: Chris Hatcher

Males 179-155

Gold: Vance Varholdt

Silver: Arnulfo Lowe

Bronze: Matt Mourissey

Males 154-130

Gold: Joe Knight

Silver: Austin Penny

Bronze: Andrew Harris

Males 129-105

Gold: Johnathan Crowell

Silver: Drew Lumberger

Bronze: Joey Cada

Males 104-Down

Gold: Troy Dennis

Female 179-155

Gold: Travis-Ann Scott

Silver: Brittney Crowell, Jenni Cahn

Females 154-130

Gold: Alexis Atkin

Silver: Brittney Riggers

Bronze: Rachel Lynn

Females 129-105

Gold: Chelsea Harris

Silver: Amanda Atkin

Bronze: Rebekkah Cortez

Females 104-Down

Gold: Heather Hatcher

Silver: Lindsay Marcus

Bronze: Lauren Marcus


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