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APS Power Player Awards 2006


Winter Games
Summer Games
Tucson Games
Hispanic Games
Valley of the Sun Half Marathon
Native American Games


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Winter Games

Adventure Racing

Ken Creager


Ken Creager of team "Home Teachers" was selected for his incredible sportsmanship shown over the course of the adventure race. While teams of 3 were making repeated stream crossings southwest of Roosevelt lake, Ken stepped in to help numerous teams by transporting their bikes through various stream crossings, all the expense of his own race time. Ken's willingness to sacrifice for the sake of his fellow competitors stands out as a testament to the team spirit found in adventure racing and exemplifies what makes sport great.

Archery 900

Greg Redhouse


The Archery Power Player award goes to Coach Greg Redhouse of the Dine' College Archery team. Greg unselfishly drove his 11-member team on a 6-hour trip (leaving at 2am) from Tsalile, Az. on the Navajo reservation so they could compete in the Archery event.  He deeply cares about his athletes, their needs and his sport and has taught them to be humble whether they win or lose.  His young competitors are students first and athletes second as Greg instills discipline and a hard work ethic as he prepares them for life beyond college.  

Arm Wrestling

Chris Dunaway


The APS Award winner from the sport of Arm Wrestling - Chris Dunaway - chris is always available
to help lesser competitors and encourage those just learning the techniques of the sport.  He is a solid citizen and excellent role model.  He is very respectful of others and competes for fun, never caring if he wins or loses.


Josh Amaya of the Arizona Warriors


The APS Power Player Award in Boy’s/Men’s Basketball is 14 year old, Josh Amaya of the Arizona Warriors.  At 6’8’’ and 285lbs, Josh is an intimidating presence on the basketball court, but is also a very unselfish and giving individual.  Josh triumphed over a recent and rare heart condition called Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome. When asked why he wanted to play in the basketball tournament so soon after surgery, Josh stated that he did not want to let his coach or teammates down.  Josh exemplifies this attitude on and off the basketball court demonstrated in his desire for living made more meaningful despite his difficult situation in life. The Arizona Warriors basketball coaches believe that his positive attitude and unspoken leadership are one of the reasons for the success of the basketball team.

Baseball - Adult

Ken Brooks


Ken was awarded the APS Power Player Award Winner for his outstanding sportsmanship. Ken is a leader by example and the example he sets is of a humble and respectful athlete on and off the field. His attitude toward umpires, other teams and his own team mates sets him apart from from other competitors.

Baton Twirling

Carli Engers


Carli is a nine-year-old honor student that cares deeply for her sport and her Baton Twirling friends. She has a continual positive attitude and is always encouraging others never caring whether she wins.  She even consoled on little7 year old girl that cried when she forgot her routine.   


Herbert Nachu


A 32 yr. old Native American from White River entered drove several hours to his 1st ever billiards event and won a Gold medal.  It was very difficult to enter as he has been deaf and has had a serious speech impediment since suffering spinal meningitis as a youth. He even was helping other competitors as the tournament progressed.


Elliot DuMont 

The 2006 Power Player award was awarded to 17-year-old Elliot DuMont from the sport of CycloCross.  He is the reigning State CycloCross champion in 2006.  He took time prior to and after his race to help the younger rider understand the sport and the course.  He is always was respectful and gracious to everyone and a true role model for young athletes. 

Desert Challenge

Adam Schmuki


The APS Power Player Award winner for the 2006 Desert Challenge competition is Adam Schmuki, an Arizona Heat athlete. Adam participated in swimming, track, and wheelchair basketball (and a lot of events in each). He was chosen for his positive and upbeat attitude as well as his all-around athleticism. As a multi-sport athlete he is an inspiration to others.


Dallen McKee


Dodgeball - The gold medal winners - The Marvels were 1st time competitors in a Dodgeball event and entered only to have fun, they spent more time cheering for the other teams they almost missed their 1st game.  They were encouraging everyone and were willing to assist others to succeed, not worrying about their own finish.

photo not available


Amy Hoon


The 2006 APS Power Player Award for the sport of Equestrian went to Amy Hood.  She was always positive in winning or losing and is an exceptional role model to other athletes.  Her trainers are Lucy Alabaster and Cookie Graham of Sweetwater Stables in Cave Creek, AZ.


Tony Cillito
"CC Auto"


The 4 v 4 Flag Football Power Player Award goes to the "CC Auto team" and their team Capt.Tony Cillito of Tucson Az.  The CC Auto team displayed great sportsmanship and teamwork at this event and in each event they participate. They truly enjoy the game and treat others players and officials with respect.


Julie Yang


Julie played up into the 14 year old division and was not only the youngest player but also the most respectful and courteous player in the event.  Julie's family is from South Korea and she is the only one in the family that speaks English so she interprets for everyone.     

photo not available

Indoor Volleyball

Roberta Downey


The indoor Volleyball Power player was awarded to the “Bus Up” team that also won the won the Gold medal.  Captain Roberta Downey’s team was courteous to the officials and displayed good sportsmanship whether winning and losing.  

In-Line Speed Skating

Greg Bates


The 2006 APS Power Player award was presented to The Great Skate Pirates of Speed Team.  They skated in the JO Masters and every team member was very gracious to other athletes, officials and spectators.  They skated both Inline and Quad and still found time to assisted other skaters with their

Jump Rope

Caree Wheeler


Caree is the 2006 Jump Rope Power Player award winner due to her dedication to her sport and the athletes that participate. She has taken on numerous duties and projects, always with a great attitude. She assists from both the competitive and administrative sides of the sport at only age 17.

photo not available


Gary & Josie Meyer


Karate - Gary and Josie Meyer - both have selflessly given of their time and energy to develop and promote the sport of Karate.  They have been involved for over 25 years and have displayed an exceptional work ethic & commitment.  Patience with all levels and ages of competitor has not changed over the 25 years.

Rock Climbing

Steve Judge


Steve Judge – Was selected primarily for his respect & caring for his sport and it’s athletes.  He is always available to assist young climbers and takes his time to make sure they are respectful of the facility and fair & honest with its participants.  He even contributed his own time to locate prizes, in addition to medals, for each competitor.


Conor Hamilton


The Power Player Award Winner from Skateboarding is Conor Hamilton - Conor was awarded the APS Power Player for his outstanding sportsmanship and great attitude. He is also very humble and even asked if he could help with the event operations. He is also very well liked and respected by his fellow competitors.


Storm 97 Boys Team


The AYSA 9U Storm youth Soccer team coached by Rick Timmons.  They played up in age to compete against 10 year olds, never caring about the outcome.  They were gracious in defeat and very respectful of the other players and officials. Even at a youth age they have learned the ideals of sportsmanship and the value of team play.


Joyce Kim


15-year-old Smallbore Athlete Joyce Kim is the APS Power Player for 2006 for Shooting. She was chosen for her respectful attitude and helpfulness to less skilled competitors.  Joyce also won the silver medal in the Women J2 competitive category.

Table Tennis

Mankit Ma


Mankit Ma played in 4 different table tennis events, spanning 2 days. He won 2 of the events and came in 2nd place in another. He is so humble as he plays and treats the game of table tennis and his opponents with the utmost respect. A better recipient cannot be found for this award.


Jacqueline Aquino


Jacqueline is an 18-year-old Black Belt from Master Choi’s World TKD in Phoenix. She is the most dedicated athlete in the program and is totally committed to her sport and helps those around her to improve.  She was the most respectful athlete in the competition relative to the judges and other athletes. 



Annabel Rimmer
Annabel not only played in the Grand Canyon State Games Tennis event but also worked the check-in desk every moment she was not playing.  She was always encouraging other players especially the very young players.  She has a great respect for the game and displays good sportsmanship- win or lose.

Track & Field Adult

Pat Fahy


Pat Fahy was presented the APS Power Player Award for his unselfish giving of his time and energy toward the senior track community. Pat's extraordinary commitment to helping provide a safe and enjoyable experience for them to compete is unparalled. Pat exemplifies the six pillars of character.

Track & Field Youth

Quintin Kime


Quintin is an eleven-year-old athlete that truly cares for his sport and trains very hard to improve.  He is an excellent student, always has a positive attitude and is willing to share any knowledge he has with other athletes.    

Wheelchair Billiards

Bryant Diaz


Bryant Diaz has overcome a considerable amount of adversity to compete in the Grand Canyon State Games competition.  He is an inspiration to others with his attitude, temperament and willingness to help.  He is always smiling and a continually upbeat person.   


Tom Raven


Tom’s team (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) won the Gold medal in the Major division over the weekend and was also named the MVP of the tournament.  They received the APS Power Play award. For their great sportsmanship and positive attitude.


Max Mejia


Max Mejia is 13 years old and is an 8th grader at Santan Junior High School in Chandler, AZ.  Max’s mother and father, Kathy & Vidal Mejia, are teachers in the Chandler Unified School District, Max also has two younger sisters, Olivia and Yvette.  Max is a very dedicated student-athlete, involving himself in student government, clubs, volunteering, and sports.  Max’s favorite activities are fishing, camping, hunting, and playing sports. 

Summer Games

Arm Wrestling
Ian Allison

APS Power Player Award Winner for the sport of Arm Wrestling is Ian Allison of Tuba City. Ian had a great attitude and showed good sportsmanship as he competed in the difficult sport of Arm Wrestling. He displayed great determination and competitiveness and yet did so with respect for his fellow competitors and officials.
photo not available


Kathy Furtmann


The APS Power player award for the sport of Badminton presented to Kathy Furtmann. She has given to badminton years of helping at tournament operations, outstanding sportsmanship as she plays, dozens of GCSG medals over the years, and now, taking over many of Hank Anderssohn's duties in opening and facilitating club play every week. She displays a true dedication & respect to the sport and it's athletes.

Jose Rosario

The APS Power Player Award winner for Summer Games baseball is 14 yr. old Jose Rosario. Jose was the youngest player on his team having just graduated from middle school and playing with kids one or two years older. He was recognized for his great attitude and respect to coaches, umpires and fellow players in the dugout.
Jason Whitely

The APS Power Player for Boys / Men's Basketball is Jason Whitely. Jason leads by example and always volunteers to assist where & whenever possible. He even jumped in whenever he was not playing to help run the event. He has a great attitude and has always been very trustworthy.
photo not available

Baton Twirling

Emily James


The APS Power Player Award was presented to Emily James. Emily recently graduated from High School in Flagstaff and has had a distinquished career in Baton, plus Emily was also an outstanding student - graduating with honors. She always maintains a posititve attitude and is an excellent role model for younger Baton Twirlers.

photo not available


Dwayne Robinson


The 2006 Summer Games Bowling APS Power Player Award winner is Dwayne Robinson. Dwayne is a very respectful athlete and is always concerned about the integrity of the game and it's participants. He cares more about the fun of the sport & fairness of the competition than winning.

photo not available


Canyon State Academy


The APS Power Player Award in diving in the 2006 Summer Games was awarded to Canyon State Academy diving team. The Coach Mike Brown led team was full of spirit and cheered for both their team-mates and other competitors. They were all very considerate and polite. A perfect example of sportsmanship in athletic competition.

Joe Horne

Power player bio for dodgeball summer games was awarded to Joe Horne, a one time college athlete, who has dedicated himself to dodgeball. Joel spends his time between competitions encouraging players of all levels to play dodgeball. Joe's sportsmanship and unselfishness during the summer's tournament earned him the APS Power Player award. His good demeanor, leadership and fairness makes him an example to all Dodgeballers in


Abby Gemmell


The 2006 APS Power Player Award winner in Gymnastics is Abbey Gemmell.  Abbey is 12 years old and a Level 4 at Aspire Kids Sports Center in Chandler.  She always arrives with a smile on her face that infects those around her.  Her dedication, positive attitude, and support of her teammates continue to inspire everyone she comes in contact with.  Congratulations Abbey!


Ilya Mordukhayev


An immigrant to the USA from the former Soviet Union, at a young age, Ilya completely integrated himself to the American Society. An excellent black belt judo player, Ilya needed a complete knee ligament reconstruction at the age of 17. Now several months later he won a Gold at the Grand Canyon games in the Black Belt Division. He is an example of perseverence, strong will and courage and apositive outlook in life.

photo not available
Carpenter family

The APS Power player award winner in Summer Games Karate goes to the Carpenter family; parents Clay and Lori; children Clayton, (10), Mikaela, (8), and Connor (6).  The children started training in martial arts between the ages of 4 to 7 years old.  They train 5-6 days a week & actively compete in Karate and Kobudo (weapons) events and the boys compete in Judo events as well.  Sportsmanship is a key focus and it’s great to see the kids congratulating their competitors regardless of whether they win or lose.  The children’s parents, Clay and Lori, are volunteers at many martial arts events. 

Mountain Bike

Julie Clark


APS Power Player Award winner for Mountain Bike is Julie Clark of Surprise, AZ. Julie is a Special Needs teacher and her energy and kind heart is always displayed. She always strives to be the best she can be in sports and in life.

photo not available

Outdoor Volleyball

Robert Lednicky


The APS Power Player Award in Summer Games Outdoor Volleyball went to Robert "The Pebble" Lednicky for playing through an injury while maintaining an
upbeat and positive attitude. "The Pebble" was one of the few players to survive playing in multiple divisions on a day when the sun and temperature took it's toll on all of us.


Denise Eaton


Denise’s started playing singles racquetball but later learned that her heart was set on doubles.  In the GCSG event on June 2-4, 2006 Denise and her husband Jack took the Silver Medal in the Men’s C Doubles in which Denise did an awesome job putting up and beating a lot of the guys!  Although Denise and Jack lost in the tiebreaker Denise has always proven to be a tough and fair player and always a pleasure to play.

photo not available


Taylor Clausen


The APS Power Player Award Winner for the sport of Rock Climbing is Taylor Clausen, age 14, an 8th grader at Mountainside Middle School in Scottsdale. Taylor was chosen due to his consistently positive attitude and constant support of his fellow climbers. His is truly an inspiration. After only a few years of climbing, he qualified for nationals in Bouldering in 2005.


Sara Drake


The APS Power Player Award Winner for the Summer Games is 14 year old Sara Drake. In addition to being a distinguished smallbore champion shooter, Sara is a grade “A” student who excels in extra curricular activities at school and in her community. She always has a positive attitude and is continually encouraging others.


Barry Brannon / Oasis team


The 2006 APS Power Player Award for the 2006 Summer Games Adult Soccer event went to Barry Brannon and his Oasis team for demonstrating great sportsmanship, dedication and passion for the game of soccer, they were always positive in winning or losing and treated others players and officials with respect.

Canyon State Academy

Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming chose a team to receive the APS Power Player Award.  We chose this team because the team consisting of the original competitors from Arizona Desert Gems, Coach Sue Cox, has been competing in the Grand Canyon State Games for the past 17 years.  This team started when they were 10 – 12 years old and are now in their mid twenties with four out of the five team members married.

These swimmers are international swimmers competing in the Fina World Masters in Italy.  They all continue to coach full time, swim part time as well as have homes and jobs outside of swimming.

They all are college graduates:

Kelly Hinz
Becca Presnall
from U of A
Sandy Martin
from Grand Canyon University
Jessica Walko
from MIT
Jean Ann Meyers
from ASU

The team symbolizes the drive, commitment, and compassion to their sport to take the time to continue to compete while continuously passing there sport on to new swimmers.


Ruth Fahy


Ruth Fahy was awarded the APS Power Player Award for track and field at the 2006 Summer Games . Ruth has been indispensable to the adult State Games and USATF meets with her tireless behind the scenes efforts as well as her organizational skill on site at the registration and awards table. She always puts the interests of others ahead of her own, and the State Games athletes are merely the latest in a long line of beneficiaries of her selflessness


Doug Cornell


The 2006 Summer Games Weightlifting APS Power Player Award Winner is Doug Cornell who has been a lifter, coach, and official in Arizona Weightlifting for the past 27 years. Doug has consistently demonstrated the class, work ethic, positive attitude & resiliency in our sport and his life. One year ago, Doug was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has spent the last year undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Three days before the Games, Doug doctor told him that the tumor in his brain has been destroyed. He is now free of cancer.

photo not available

Wheelchair Billiards

Jeffery Oats


The APS Power player award for the sport of Wheelchair Billiards in the 2006 Summer Games competition was presented to Jeffery Oats. He always displays outstanding sportsmanship as he plays toward officials and other competitors. He has shown a true commitment & respect to the sport and it's athletes.


Maurizio Nucci for the Dig This team


The 2006 APS Power Player Award winner for Volleyball is Maurizio Nucci for the Dig This team. The award was presented for good sportsmenship toward the officials and players and other teams. They dispalyed a great attitude on and off the court.

photo not available


Tom Lynch


The APS Power Player award for the sport of Wiffleball goes to Tom Lynch of Paradise Valley . Tom has been playing Wiffle Ball since the age of 7 years old. Tom brought laughter to many this last Summer Games across the day and actually developed a fan base as the day progressed. Tom was the first unanimous decision in Wiffle Ball Games history to receive the APS Power Player award as he displayed all of the fine characteristics defined by an APS Power Player Award.

Tucson Games


Julie Goldstein


The APS Power Player Award in Tucson Cycling goes to Julie Goldstein - The 20 year old rider competiting in her 1st race series fell while trying to start the race. Not seriously hurt, she had the courage and will to get up, get back in the race and finish strong. One to always
encourage others, Julie is an inspiration to all riders.

Savanna Vig

The APS Power Player Award winner was presented 13 year old Savanna Vig. She is always encouraging other players to work harder to improve their game. She has played golf since the age of 4 and is a leader in school and on the course. A young lady that everyone looks up to as a role model.
photo not available


Abraham Montijo


The winner of the APS Power Award for demonstrating exceptional character and sportsmanship was awarded to Abraham Montijo. Abraham is a member of the Yes-2-Kids, a Tucson non-profit organization that mentors youngsters through the sport of handball. Abraham, a recent graduate of Rincon High is the reigning Arizona State B champion and recently won the A singles at the USHA Hall of Fame tournament.

photo not available


Joey Schmeider


The 2006 APS Power Play Award in the sport of Tucson Squash was presented to Joey Schmeider. Mr Schmeider is an athlete who shows character in the true spirit of the games displaying honesty, trust, thoughtfulness and respect. It was a close call between
father and son, Joe and Joey Schmeider, but Joes efforts and character on the court, both in victory and defeat, resulted in him being picked over his son for the award.


Bria Spellman

The bio is Tucson Swimming APS Power Player Award - The APS Power player Award was presented to 8 year old Bria Spellman. She has overcome a long series of surgeries and illness to excel in her sport. She even competed in Tucson, taking gold in all her events with a 102 fever. Bria is a true inspiration to athletes of all ages.

photo not available
CC Aitchison
David DeWeese

The 2006 APS Games Power Play Award for Tucson Track was presented to David DeWeese. David was selected for his community service. He has volunteered for the past 3 years for the AME club, an organization in Tucson for adults who are blind or visually impaired. David helped in planning and implementing the track meet portion of the Tucson Grand Canyon State Games also winning a medal in the javelin in his age group (45-49) at this event.

Hispanic Games


Kim Gingerich


The APS Power Player Award from the sport of Basketball goes to Kim Gingerich from Sunnyslope High School. Kim displayed a "go beyond the call of duty" attitude in hosting the 2006 International Hispanic Games basketball tournament. She set everything up for the competition and took everything down and worked diligently to insure the comfort and safety of the athletes all weekend.

photo not available
Xavier Montelongo

The APS Power Player Award Winner in the
International Hispanic Games Boxing event was presented to Xavier Montelongo. Xavier is a fine young athlete that is also an outstanding individual. He is very respectful of the other athletes, coaches and officials. Xavier works with and is continually encouraging younger boxers to reach their potential and goals. He traveled from California for the competition.
photo not available


Blake Rodriquez


The APS Power Player Award winner from the sport of Football is Blake Rodriquez from the Eagles. Blake is very respectful to his teammates, officials & coaches and showed great sportsmanship throughout the competition. He never complains and is always encouraging other players. He plays four times per week and is an excellent student at Patterson Elementary school.

photo not available
International Hispanic Games
Sonora Mexico Select, 12 & Under Soccer team

The APS Power Player award winner is the Sonora Mexico Select 12 & Under Soccer team. The boys went undefeated in the tournament and played hard yet were very respectful of the other players and officials. They represented their Country with dignity displaying good sportsmanship.


Brian Merdinger


The APS Power Player Award winner from the sport of Tennis is Brian Merdinger. Brian is only 14 years old yet he is always assisting other player to help to improve their game. He never challenges line calls and shows an unusual respect for the sport and other players.

Valley of the Sun Half Marathon

Sue Berliner


Sue showed great character in operating the Valley of the Sun Half Marathon.  Many time over Sue displayed respect, fairness, and caring toward staff, participants, and volunteers.

Native American Games


Lil Eagles


The APS Power Player Award Winner in the Lori Piestewa National Native American Games is the Lil Eagles basketball team. They showed exceptional sportsmanship as part of the basketball competition. They were very respectful to other players and officials. They truly represent the spirit of the APS Power Player Award.

Native American Games
Piestewa Family

The 2006 APS Award Winner for the Lori Piestewa National Native American Games is the Piestewa Family.  The entire family exemplifies the spirit of the APS Power Player Award in thought and action.   The family has allowed the competition to keep alive Lori’s spirit by naming the event in her honor.  


Wadleigh's Co-Ed SlowPitch Softball team


The 2006 APS Power Player Award in the National Native American Games was presented to the Wadleigh's Co-Ed SlowPitch Softball team from Page, Az. They displayed excellent sportsmanship throughout the event. They were also very respectful of the other players and officials. The team is a good role model for other Native American athletes. The members of the team are in order from left to right; Coach Alex Whitehair, Lenae Tsinnie, Rick Dush, Leanna June, Arlen Wilson, Arlis Wilson, Jon Swel Begaye, Lute Laverne Whitehair, Alexis Whitehair, Delaura Johnson, Orlantha Whitehair, Teresa Hansen, and Batboy Victor Clark.


Rafeal Bear


The APS Award Winner for the 2006 Lori Piestewa National Native American Games in the sport of Track & Field is Mr. Raphael Bear.  Mr. Bear displayed great character and was a very gracious winner during the Track & field competition. He encouraged the young Native American athletes to be the best they could be in their events.  Raphael was an exceptional role model and exemplified the spirit of the APS Power Player Award.